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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Leaving Turkey... for San Diego??
Istanbul, Turkey

Once again, we find ourselves with too little time to blog, but the next few days should provide us with an opportunity to update you on what has been happening the last two weeks. Right now though, we are once again back in Istanbul, after having spent the last two weeks seeing the incredible sights that Turkey has to offer. We are packing our bags for the lengthy flight West, back to the Pacific Coast.

For those of you who are somewhat confused, our good friends Stacy and Betsy are getting married on Saturday, and it is our pleasure to be there to help them celebrate their wedding in San Diego. Stacy has asked me to be his best man, and encouraged us to return with the gift of one of the plane tickets, which we really appreciate.

So, we'll be in San Diego for four days before we head back east through Frankfurt, with a pitstop to visit Aimee for a day (yay!) before we head into Mumbai, India. Unfortunately, we weren't able to hook up with Steve and Cindy in either Malta or Turkey (next time guys!) or Bronwyn, who was travelling in nearby Greece. However, we are looking forward to connecting with Nancy and Harriet (our Moroccan travel buddies) in San Francisco as we transit there for a few hours on the way to San Diego tomorrow.

By the way, WE GOT THE INDIAN VISA TODAY!! Phew!! I could hardly believe seeing our passports in my hand with the Indian Visa in them... what an epic it has been.

Over the next few days though, we will post blogs of our fantastic visit through Turkey, and will hopefully be able to update the Turkey pages as well. That is, if the jet lag doesn't render us unconscious first!


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