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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Geez, Only How Many Days To Go?
Seattle, Washington
Excitement, anticipation, panic... That would kinda sum up what's happening now. With less than three weeks to go, we're finding ourselves scrambling around trying to get everything in order before we leave. The task list includes making preparations for Evelyn (Jen's sister) and Ken's wedding, organizing their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties, cancelling magazine subscriptions, organizing our financial affairs, packing up the house, getting ready for a garage sale, finishing off some last minute work proposals, doing a few Companion Flag presentations, tidying up a few web site details, organizing insurance and mail, sorting out some itinerary changes, and STILL trying to figure out what to do about the suspended flight to Kenya.

Phew. At least it's kinda therapeutic to write the whole To Do list out. Jen's To Do list is actually four pages long!

Ack!!! No matter how prepared you think you are... good thing we started packing a few weeks ago!


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