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Thursday, June 19, 2003

All Systems Go!
Seattle, Washington
Dave and I talked to British Airways last night, and it appears that we will either be flying BA in two weeks (from London to Nairobi), or they will be re-routing us through Entebe, Uganda to Nairobi. So at this point, it looks like we're all going to be in Kenya in two weeks, which is great news.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visits to Newport Heights and Sawyer Woods Elementary Schools last week as Companion Flag Ambassadors; right now there isn't any time to update the Companion Flag pages, but check back in a few weeks.

Howard and the rest of the Science and Technology staff at Seattle Public Library had a wonderful send-off party for Jen two days ago; that was really special... she'll be looking forward to seeing those folks again in about a year or so.

Partners in crime: Doris and Nora

We're slowly but surely knocking things off the To Do list... 13 days and counting!


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