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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Reassurances from Kenya
Seattle, Washington
We just heard back from the tour company in Kenya; they told us that "there has been hue and cry for what majority of the players here feel was an unwarranted outburst by the [internal security] minister and perhaps there was a more diplomatic way to go about countering the supposedly looming terrorist attack." They feel that there are "strong indications that BA (British Airways) will resume their flights by next week ."

It's always interesting to hear both sides to a story. For now, we will continue to wait things out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Suspended Flights and Terror Alerts
Seattle, Washington
We are just under six weeks before departure, and there are still a few details left to address before we leave. However, international news seems to be full of worrisome stories these days, with recent bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco, and numerous terror alerts issued by several countries warning against travel to a number of countries on our itinerary. Yesterday, the United States once again raised their alert level from Yellow to Orange, with the suspicion of some kind of impending terrorist activity.

We're currently waiting to see what happens with our planned flight from London to Kenya on British Airways, which currently is suspended until further notice. There is no intent to change our travel plans at this point, but our plans are flexible and could change at any time, depending on further developments that might jeapardize our safety.

First Blog Post
Seattle, Washington
This is the first ever post of our "One Year, One World" blog. We hope to fill these pages with stories and anecdotes from our travels, whenever we get around to finding an internet cafe. Thanks to Stacy for the suggestion of using Blogger.


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